Making Of

The Idea

One Day Less is a Comic Book made out of plasticine.
The text in each comic is a Haiku (a short poem of 17 syllables), written from the perspective of an unnamed old man, as he reaches the end of his life.

One Day Less stems from my desire to experiment with comics, visual art and poetry. It is an extension of my Comic Book Poems webcomic.

Development Sketches

Before I started to make the webcomic I did some development sketches to work out how the character would look. I knew I wanted the character to be old and I knew the overall story would follow his thoughts and feelings as he reaches the end. He therefore had to be aged, moody and somewhat despondent. Check out the sketches below.

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After the sketches I acquired the materials that I would use. I got some plasticine, armature wire, masking tape and tools. I used the wire to create an outline of the character and then wrapped the wire in masking tape. This wire worked as a skeleton to build the character around. The next stage was to take the plasticine and sculpt the the old man.

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After I had the character and all the props created I took photographs. Previously I had written a series of haiku’s from the perspective of the old man. I then took the character and put him in a series of poses for the photographs.
I then placed these photographs together to create the artwork for the comics.

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